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Obtaining quality services locally is getting more and more difficult. The existing Accountancy Firms are being overwhelmed by the massive influx of new business. Even if they are willing to take you on as a new customer, they may not have sufficient staff to provide the support your business needs. You don’t want to be like a shag on a rock because they’re too busy to help you!

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services Australia

Focus on your Core Business and let the Professionals do your Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Accounts Department Supervision

Providing you with talented resources to drive and supervise your Accounts Department.

Virtual CFO Services

SMEs lack the affordability to hire a full time CFO - No More - Hire a full time Virtual CFO for as low as $30 per Hour.

Audit & Assurance Services

Suffering with inadequate and incapable qualified resources to ensure audit finalization? Shift your Audit burden to our Qualified Audit Team.

Tax Consultancy

Being inspected by the Tax Authority is too risky - Eliminate the Risk - Hire the Professional Tax Experts.

Financial Projections & Feasibility Studies

Expanding, Acquiring or Merging; you need the experts to provide you with valuable future information to take right financial decisions.
Why are we Different
And why is it good for you to Know

Answers When you Need them

When you call us, you’ll receive unparalleled, high quality accounting services remotely, at a fraction of the cost of a local provider, with no hassles. You obtain local expertise and international expertise all in one package. That is a combination impossible to find in an affordable package locally.

Free Software

In our Accounting Structure, we provide you with all of the necessary software, including the access to our video conferencing room of Cisco Webex for free, so that we can communicate like we’re right next door. We will set you up with an excellent business accounting software called Xero, which connects you with banks, accountants, bookkeepers, and all of your records.

Saving you money

A bigger consideration is that many young startup companies simply can’t afford the cost of their own accountancy department; neither can they afford to hire a full time accountancy firm to manage their bookkeeping. That is where virtual accounting and bookkeeping services take the load off of your cash flow.


Private & Secure

The Hubdoc account is opened in your own name, with your own access and security codes. You simply grant access to us to perform the work on your behalf. Xero and Hubdoc together form a complete package. Through hubdoc.com you will upload your ordinary documents (invoices, bills, etc.,) and they will be saved in your own personal cloud storage server.


Our Reputation

The core values of Push Digits are our Code of Conduct and the Professional Ethics that we follow. For CPD (Continuous Professional Development) of our Team, we have got ourselves affiliated with many of the Professional Networks and we are attending the Events hosted by Professional Bodies such as CPA, ACCA, ICAEW, AAA and many others on a regular basis. We believe that this all is mandatory to keep us updated with the industry and regulatory requirements.

Trust & Confidence

Achieving and maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients in our Services is at the core of our Firm’s values. We are well known for our Team’s professional objectivity, independence and integrity which provides crucial understanding of your business model and identifies your risk areas.

Pricing Structure
For Accounting Services

Part Time Accountant

  • Free Xero Account
  • Free Hub Doc Account
  • Free Cisco Webex Video Conference Room

AUD 9 per HourUpto 50 Hours / Month

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Full Time Accountant

  • Free Xero Account
  • Free Hub Doc Account
  • Free Cisco Webex Video Conference Room

AUD 7 per HourUpto 100 Hours / Month

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Customized Accountant

  • Free Xero Account
  • Free Hub Doc Account
  • Free Cisco Webex Video Conference Room

AUD 5 per HourMore Than 100 Hours / Month

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What You Get – Everything Below With Any Of The Above Plans


  • Understanding of your Business
  • Understanding Vision, Mission and Objectives
  • Business Transformation - Manual to Automation
  • Business KPIs Management for Stakeholders
  • Effective Management of Company's Going Concern
  • Business Growth Management
  • Business Loss Management
  • Compliance with Local Laws & Regulations
  • Financial Forecasting
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  • Invoicing to your Customers
  • Revenue Entries
  • Receipts Entries
  • Knocking off Receipts with Revenues
  • End to End Customer Communication
  • Monitoring Aged Debtors
  • Debt Recovery
  • Bad Debts Management
  • Adjusting Journals for Revenue
Select Plan


  • Managing Inventories
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Orders
  • Expense Entries
  • Payments Entries
  • Knocking off Payments with Expenses
  • End to End Supplier Communication
  • Monitoring of Aged Creditors
  • Adjusting Journals for Expenses
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  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
  • Statement of Comprehensive Income (Profit & Loss)
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Budgets
  • Budget VS Actual Revenue Analysis
  • Budget VS Actual Expense Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Cards Reconciliation
  • Customized Financial Reports
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Our Professional Team

Farhan Aqil

Managing Partner

Taha Ahmed

Managing Partner

Mohamed Yousef Al Harmoodi

Audit Partner

Rochelle Mae Gacula

Senior Account & VAT Consultant

Yamini Kharwa

Accountant & VAT Consultant

Hatem Hafez

Company Formations Specialist

Ayesha Arshad

Business Development Executive

Nouman Khizer

Audit Supervisor

Muhammad Awais

Accounting Supervisor

Mohammad Asim


Rizwan Aaqil

IT Director

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      Part Time Accountant (Upto 50 hours per month at AUD 9 per hour)Full Time Accountant (Upto 100 hours per month at AUD 7 per hour)Customized Accountant (More than 100 hours per month at AUD 5 per hour)