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Knowing everything is in good hands

One person only has one person’s worth of experience—that’s logical and irrefutable.  So what does your chief accountant do when s/he has questions?  They take all their experience and figure out the best answer they can from the available information, of course.

Now…what happens when your Chief Accountant is one of the experts at PushDigits?  What happens when they run into a problem with some unique complications?  They don’t have to rely on just their own experience, no matter how vast it may be.  They confer with any of the dozens of nearby experts for insights—to see where the situation has arisen before—and which answers have worked best.

You Need to Hire Experts

The answer is that when you are surrounded by financial experts of every description, you take advantage of all that experience.  All of our Partners, accounting staff, auditors, and support personnel have more than 1,000 person-years of experience ready to bring to bear on your most difficult accounting problems.  That is what happens when you’ve been in business for more than two decades.

Nothing is too big or too small when you have a millennium of experience answering every conceivable question on the subject.  That is why you need PushDigits.

Virtual CFO

Here is something that most people only fantasise about:  Wishing that you could afford large six or seven-digit salaries for top-level executives, so you could benefit from their amazing company-building insights.  For most it is simply impractical, but a Virtual Chief Financial Officer with years of experience can provide the exact same insight, but only precisely when you need him or her to do so.

The rest of the time they can help several other companies—spreading their capabilities (and cost!) over a much wider area.  You can get all their skills and experience at mere pennies on the dollar!

With all the talents of a CFO, you can be the envy of other companies, making powerful, incisive decisions that your rivals would never even consider!  A virtual CFO can keep your company on track, advising you about making wise decisions to outpace your competition’s growth at every turn!

See our page here for how a Virtual CFO can provide you with Large Enterprise Expertise on a per-use basis!  It can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Virtual Chief Accountant

There is no need for you to spend weekends in the office, fiddling with the books, and eating cold take-away.  Life is so much easier when you have the confidence that there is an experienced professional making sure that everything is assigned to a responsible person; that all the tasks are getting done; that there is someone who will answer all your employees’ accounting questions when they arise.

Delegation is such an important skill, and with PushDigits, you have mastered it!  Go ahead and spend weekend time with your friends or family.  You can be completely assured, knowing that all your financial reporting is taken care of and up-to-date, ready for you to review first thing Monday morning, or whenever the urge strikes you. Our Virtual Accounting Services offer the solution you need to rest in your weekends.

Virtual Staff

In these modern times, so many companies are not even bothering setting up an Accounting Department anymore—that’s so 1990s!  Automation and outsourcing are the new standard for fresh young companies, because it leaves them with so much more capital to invest in their actual business rather than tying it up in a large staff and expensive hardware for storing records.

The business world has happily assimilated AaaS (Accounting as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) and lots of other letters in the alphabet soup of business offerings.  Many have even gleefully hired PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) suppliers, so they don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in servers, racks, and air-conditioning for them, plus expensive staff to maintain them.

Share the Resources

It only makes sense when there is a shortage of skilled accounting staff that one large accounting firm like PushDigits could provide accounting services to hundreds of companies.  The high volume of business means we can still pay top rates and hire the best accountants, so we can provide a level of expertise unobtainable anywhere else.  And that is what you deserve.


Of course you could try to hire a complete accounting department staff, but so many young people have been told to become computer professionals, because “it is the future”.  Meanwhile, the traditional occupations are getting harder and harder to fill, and pay rates are getting remarkably high.

Then along comes PushDigits with the ultimate answer, and a way to finally solve the shortage problem.  Instead of having staff with so much idle time between tasks, we could service more accounts and raise salaries.  Everybody wins.  Despite the great pay for our accountants, we can still offer our accounting services on an outsource basis for less than 25% of the traditional costs.

Hundreds of companies agree with us, and you will, too.  We’re certainly not suggesting that you get rid of all your accounting employees!  There is a fantastic advantage to letting us support their services, making their job easier, and assuring accuracy.  Attrition is always the best way to implement a new strategy.  Nobody gets hurt, and your company becomes steadily more efficient and economical over time.

The Takeaway

If there really is something thatis the future it’s the idea that many, many services are going to consolidate so they can support other businesses from a centralised location.  Economies of scale are going to keep prices under control so companies can continue to be competitive and employ workers.

PushDigits has taken that financial model to heart and we have 3,500 happy customers to assure us that we’re on the right path.  Come and connect with us today and see how we can make your accounting department operations less expensive, more efficient, more reliable, and ready to meet the new challenges of modern business.

Price Plan

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Part Time Accountant (Upto 50 hours per month at AUD 9 per hour)Full Time Accountant (Upto 100 hours per month at AUD 7 per hour)Customized Accountant (More than 100 hours per month at AUD 5 per hour)