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Audits are Not Scarey

Knowledge is invaluable

It is a popular pastime in the United States bureaucracy to threaten people with a Federal tax audit. It is supposed to frighten them into complying with some sort of outrageous government demand. The implication, of course, is that everybody is hiding something, cheating, or doing something evil.

Here in Australia, the best thing about an audit is how much information it produces about your company. The more you know, the better informed are any decisions you make about your company. Information is a valuable commodity, not something to be feared!

Hire the Experts

At PushDigits we are intensely interested in financial information, and you should be, too!  Without it you may as well be in an unlit cellar, trying to locate a black cat by touch alone. With proper access to information, we’ll turn on those lights, and make it perfectly obvious what choices you ought to make in order to be successful.

Why Perform a Self-Audit?

Aside from the intrinsic value of the information, you will often find yourself in need of an audit for very specific reasons. For example, you may need:

  • To meet a statutory requirement;
  • To demonstrate compliance for contractual reasons;
  • To acquire Australian Financial Services licences;
  • To understand current status and mitigate risk;
  • To show Financial Model compliance;
  • To establish competence for public sector contractual involvement;
  • To validate reliability for managing Trust Funds.

Sometimes you’ll want an independent audit of a company you are interested in acquiring. Mergers require very particular attention to keep your company safe.  Are their financial statements reliable? Do they have hidden debt? Is the ATO after them for some misbehaviour or oversight?

Independence Assured

We use the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that are accepted worldwide and also Australian Financial Reporting Standards that are applicable in the Australian economy. Much more importantly, these allow the information obtained to be understood by any accountant in the world.

We use IFRS along with Australian Accounting Standards as this is particularly important for companies that intend to conduct business internationally, because it eliminates confusion and miscommunication. These same standards also assure that the information is above reproach.

PushDigits international reputation for integrity and honesty means automatic, unquestioned acceptance by your overseas partners.  That is something which is a little harder to come by from a local accounting service!

Outsourcing Saves Money

Modern companies no longer trouble themselves with setting up their own Accounting Departments. Number-crunching has become so sophisticated, that aside from the very largest Enterprises, it has essentially become redundant.

Why pay for office space, business equipment, telecommunications & data, vacation pay, sick days, retirement plans, parking spaces, air travel, visas, or any number of other things? All of that can be eliminated in favour of hiring masterful, internationally experienced financial professionals that are available 24/7/365. Best of all, it results in more than a 75% cost reduction over “doing it yourself”.

Our Great People

We have over 50 fully qualified professional accountants ready and available anytime. Speaking to your personal business accountant is easier than getting on an elevator and riding down to the 12th floor to seek an answer to a question in person.  You simply fire off a quick e-mail, and we will arrange a video-conference right on your desktop within minutes!

Personal Service

Better than a phone call, you can speak face-to-face; you can share your screen to illustrate something; or you can easily share a document for interpretation. Ordinarily that would be a $50/month value, but we included it free for all of our outsource customers.  Isn’t modern technology wonderful?


Putting all your financial needs under one roof means that we can supply all of your necessary accounting and bookkeeping services; there is no need to approach multiple organisations to achieve your goals.  Everything can be done in one place.

This makes the auditing process faster and more economical when we are completely familiar with your company. It also makes it easier for your staff to provide exactly the right information for a successful audit. The more efficient the information-gathering the less costly!

Audits Prove You Are Competent

If you want a government contract, they are going to want to see a bank balance to prove liquidity.  They’re going to want to see your account receivables to show just how much money is in the pipeline.  They will want to see your accounts payable as well to make sure that you’re not overextended and at risk of financial failure.  Most important, they want to know about equity in your business.  Is it rising year over year?  Is it stable, or is it decreasing, indicating (possibly) bad management.

The government is responsible to the taxpayers and it is not going to assign important tasks to companies where there is a risk of it coming back to haunt them.  A good, reliable, independent and unassailable audit from PushDigits is your key to making the short-list of potential candidates.  Proffering one, even when not required, shows confidence and will put you head & shoulders above the rest!

The Takeaway

With over two decades of accounting experience, and savings in excess of 75% over in-house accounting services, why would you go anywhere else?  We guarantee a response in 30 minutes, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, which is incredibly useful if you’re conducting business in different time zones.  If your customer in France or Canada poses you a tough question, isn’t it nice to know that we’re there to help whenever you need us?

We promise completely reliable confidentiality because your business is your business!  In addition, we provide ready access to our Managing Partners, and they are available to present the results to your shareholders and stakeholders by recorded video upon need.  What better way to make sure the presentations don’t run overtime and bore your audience?

We have over 3,500 satisfied customers, and you can read about how thrilled they are on our testimonials pages.  Our staff members, consisting of over 50 full-time accountants, and certified internal auditors, are all top-rated, multi-year experienced experts that have worked all over the world.  They are able to provide answers about rules, regulations, and laws in any country.

We understand every industry, including aviation, manufacturing, petrochemicals, retail, engineering, commodities, or anything else you can imagine. We even provide training to your accounting staff so they know the best way to prepare for an audit, and how to handle the software. We will always finish your audit on-time, every time!

When it comes right down to it, your best choice is always going to be PushDigits—the team of experts that is always on your side—giving you the edge over your competitors.

Call us today and let us show you what PushDigits can do for you!

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