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Seeing the Future

Is your next Venture a Profitable One?

Fortune-tellers have it easy!  For them, “research” consists of asking a few leading questions, listening to your answers, and interpreting a bit of body language. They mention a few things that you want to hear, phrased in a mysterious but general way, take your money, and then move on to their next victim.  So much for “insight”!  Ah, if only life was truly that simple.

Knowing the Shape of the Future

Real insights come at a cost, and that cost is research and experience!  Of course here at PushDigits we have a very broad perspective on the market because we have thousands of customers in innumerable industries.  Our business is knowing where the money is, and from that we can tell where it should be to do the most good.

It is actually inevitable that we will be highly aware of trends which elude others, but that is just the nature of our business.  Typically, a single company will focus on two or three main rivals and gain great insights about their motivations.  When you’re dealing with as many people, industries, and companies as we do at PushDigits, you get a much broader perspective.

Ambition vs. Reality

If you are an ambitious popcorn vendor, you do not begin to build a giant sports arena on your days-off to help you sell more popcorn. Clearly such a project is too big, somewhat misguided, and doomed to failure.

Then again, you don’t want to offer another clone-business that has already been done-to-death.  To paraphrase Robert Frost, the less travelled road offers far more opportunities.  If you identify a niche that has some real value, of course you ought to exploit it—but it is going to require preparation.

Plans need to be realistic.  They also have to consider how industries and public desires are evolving; they have to look at your resources, understanding how they can be applied to make your plans come to fruition.

The Two-speed Economy

Welcome to uncertainty. Housing prices are down, causing retailing to suffer, as householders hang on to every 5¢ piece.  Yet mining is on its way back up, and giving the economy a boost…  How long will that last this time?  Last time mines took off they raged along for a decade (2003-13).  Will it happen again?

On the other hand, maybe it’s time to expand in a completely different direction.  Should we think about extended healthcare because of our ageing population?  The government seems to think so, particularly, since they’re investing money in disability support and new related programmes.

What the Future Holds

Nowadays the only real certainty is change, so you need the best advice to get your plan across the finish line!  That is why you need the expertise of the folks at PushDigits.  We can assess your plan, showing you its strengths and weaknesses, and help you to decide if your idea is feasible, or if it needs some significant changes.

We can project the financial potential (and costs) of your project; we can show timelines for growth; what situation must prevail for you to turn your first profits; and number of months you’ll have to be prepared to manage expenses with a net loss, and how to do that successfully.  Of course starting a new venture is hard, and it is always going to have risk, but that is what makes it worthwhile.

The Takeaway

Knowing your financial status before you commit to your project can give you the confidence you need to succeed.  Having plans prevents you from going off on tangents; knowing what you must do to stay on track, and knowing where you’re getting the money from to keep it running smoothly until it blossoms—that is more than half the battle.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, as Robbie Burns tells us, but only one in a thousand succeed with inadequate planning, and mostly through dumb luck.  You deserve much better odds than that, so connect with us and let’s talk about your road to success.

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